On-the-ground reporting

The cold, hard truth for rural development in Mongolia
For Mongolians, climate change is as personal as it gets
Two years on, Haiyan survivors still to face their biggest ordeal since the storm
Lessons learned a year after Haiyan: The 5 C’s
Post-Haiyan efforts: On the right track, but a long way to go
On the ground in Tacloban: The long and winding road to recovery

Multilateral institutions

Is ADB stepping out of line with its planned pension and benefits cuts?
World Bank and ADB staff weigh in on launch of new banks
Salaries and benefits: How do development banks compare?
Jin Liqun: China’s helmsman to establish AIIB
Will Japan, South Korea and Australia ever say yes to China’s AIIB?
A ‘new development era’ dawns as the BRICS bank launches
Building a new development bank, brick by BRICS
World Bank to harness South Korea’s example for the developing world
World Bank to spend big on Myanmar

Exclusive details: China’s plans for a new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Nakao’s ‘innovative’ approach to ‘do more’ for Asia-Pacific
World Bank: ‘Sensible’ AIIB needed to boost Asia-Pacific’s economy
For NGO leaders, safeguards can make or break AIIB, BRICS bank
PPPs future of Asia-Pacific infrastructure development — ADB
Friend or foe? ADB and a future China-led development bank
ADB: Cofinancing, partnerships to bridge Asia-Pacific’s development gap
ADB staff voice need for better communication, more innovation
Open for business: AIIB posts job vacancies as operations begin
AIIB staff hopefuls share their views
AIIB releases draft environmental and social safeguards, opens consultations
ADB to open 130 new positions as operations expand
Jin Liqun: From the lines of Lord Byron to AIIB’s corridors of power
ADB keen on innovation to drive Asia-Pacific development
ADB wants ‘development bank of choice’ tag
New year, new challenges for ADB
ADB updates strategy to lead regional development efforts
ADB again under fire over safeguards in Laos dam

AIIB shaping up, South Korea still undecided
Jim Kim: Poverty, not AIIB or the BRICS bank, is the enemy
How impact evaluations can have the biggest (positive) impact
ADB’s step toward expanding work in inclusive business
Working at AIIB: Who’s eligible and how
Deviating from norm, AIIB moves away from country strategies
How ADB’s ‘culture of communication’ has changed
ADB’s plans to make itself more relevant, responsive and effective
How UNDP is positioning itself in a growing donor environment

Development in China

China’s new Silk Road: A link to sustainable development?
Despite critics, China’s development clout continues to expand
China’s ‘misunderstood’ aid approach to Africa
Casting light on the misconceptions of China’s growing aid to Africa
Is the time ripe for China’s own aid agency?
A closer look at the risks and opportunities of China’s aid to Africa
Building the whole picture of China’s growing ODA
AIIB nears completion but China’s ‘global leader’ status remains in question

Climate change

How Asia-Pacific can spell the future (or failure) of climate change efforts
For Jeffrey Sachs, $100B climate finance target has 2 major problems
Fighting at the forefront: Protecting Southeast Asia from climate change
New report highlights business opportunities in fighting climate change
Paving the road to a new global climate agreement
World Bank’s 3 steps to ‘decarbonize development’
Climate change in Asia-Pacific: Costs and solutions
Is it too late to ‘stop’ climate change in Asia?
SDGs, climate change take center stage as APEC summit concludes
Why climate change projects need to be rethought
How bridging science and policy can mitigate effects of climate-related disasters
Rise in disasters, displacements changing the face of humanitarian finance

Inclusive business

The potential for inclusive businesses gains attention in SDG era
Why inclusive business for #globaldev has not (yet) taken full flight
Inclusive business or CSR — what’s more effective for development

Disaster risk and aid management

How to prepare and respond to a disaster
Haiyan lessons put to the test as Philippines battles another typhoon
From Aceh to Haiti: Ensuring effectiveness of disaster aid
How to adapt disaster management to an urban context
Broken promises in aid for post-typhoon Philippines?
Music and sports: Unique aid for post-Haiyan relief
Philippine typhoon victims: Will relocation be sustainable?
Private sector asked to step up its game on DRMM
Want to help? Tips on Philippine post-typhoon relief efforts
How to (effectively) monitor Haiyan aid expenditure and deal with local ownership
In the Philippines, drones provide humanitarian relief

Family planning and SRHR issues

5 career tips for family planning and SRHR professionals
The case for a ‘greater’ private sector role in family planning
PSI CEO on family planning’s 3 ‘exciting new funding trends’

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